Monday, September 7, 2009

First Day's of School - We're Lovin It!

For months Abbey has been telling me, "I don't want to go to *** *** School, I want to stay with you!" The night before her first day I was feeling frustrated that nothing I had said was helping and that she was dreading her new school. After her first day she came home happy as a lark and loving it all, as I knew she would. When I asked her what had changed her mind she said, "I thought they were going to make me concentrate very hard, but all we do is play!" I should have clued in on her concerns several days before when she asked me if she would have homework. Somehow she had gotten it in her mind that it was going to be quite academic, and we are both so happy that it's just FUN.
I have been working my tail off at my new job which I love. I am at a wonderful school teaching Jr. Kindergarten. It's a new program and really just a perfect fit for me. The school is wonderful - staff, parents, children - all of it. Here are some glimpses into my first day...

And as if both of our new schools don't have us busy enough, there is also Abbey's new dance school. She is thrilled to be taking ballet and tap and has the greatest little class and teachers.

She is so excited on Saturdays to go to class. She has turned into a little giggle box that just has the funniest, most contagious laughter that you've ever heard. Once she starts it's impossible not to join in. All things "ballet" and "wedding" now have equal ranking with all things "princess".
We finished swim lessons before school started and they were great, we really should do more. We've also been trying to work out Chinese school. We couldn't register for our local school online from China and the only option was to show up the first day of classes (you had to pre-register in person in the spring, which of course we couldn't do from China). Abbey was number two on the waiting list but I felt that it probably wasn't going to be a good fit for us. There were 32 4 year olds sitting in high school desks for two hours responding to the teacher one by one. This past week we went to another Chinese school a little farther away and the dynamics were better, but it only meets on Sunday morning, which wouldn't work for us because of church. I spoke with the teacher and she is willing to give Abbey individual lessons during the week so that's what we will do for now. I want to gather up some friends and start an American style Chinese class that's fun, interactive, and hands on. I'd love for it to have dance, music and crafts in addition to language. In the mean time I'm glad we've found someone that can teach Abbey.
So much more to say but I have to get some sleep!