Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hmmm...it's been months since my last post. I guess it goes without saying how busy life is. Little Miss Wonderful has transformed in so many ways. She's really into rollerskating, hula hooping, swimming, 100 piece puzzles, back bends, and doing the splits. She has a little joke she likes to share whenever possible, "Don't tell anyone about this news, when cows laugh - milk comes out of they (should be their) nose!" She just thinks that is so funny.

At the end of the school year Abbey made a little treasure chest in her preschool class. Her teachers filled it with sweet treasures like a lei, seashell, gold coins, etc. There was one odd item that didn't seem to fit, a plastic ping-pong ball type eyeball. I didn't like it and so Abbey made a special point of always hiding it in places where it would surprise me or pop out on me. For two weeks she took it everywhere we went. Then she drew a very interesting picture that looked like an eye with rainbow stripes in it and eyelashes all around. She taped it up on the wall in my bedroom so that it would be right in front of me when I was in bed. We had to go to my eye doctor to get contacts and she was fascinated by the whole examination process. Then we had to go to her Dr. for a routine vision and hearing screening. She wasn't seeing well out of one eye and we were referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist. After this visit many people prayed for us as we were referred to a pediatric retinal specialist. We are so thankful that the Dr. told us she had a small congenital abnormality that did not need treatment. We got some sweet little pink Juicy Couture glasses that Abbey now wears.

In May Abbey went through Infant Swim Resource. It is a six week program with a ten minute swimming lesson each day. They teach a sequence of swim-float-swim and teach the children how to find a way out of the pool after being disoriented (being flipped over, having a wet piece of clothing dropped over their face, etc.) The last week they have to practice their survival skills with summer clothing and with winter clothing to simulate accidentally falling into water somewhere and having to find a way out. I was so proud of Abbey. It was so wonderful to watch her confidence grow and I could have never taught her all that she learned from her teacher. The program is for 6 month old's to 6 years. You can check it out here.

In June Abbey had her first ballet and tap recital. It was wonderful and she loved it. She's already asking about when she can get back up on stage. It was such a dream come true to have a sweet little girl up there beaming and dancing.

We are really enjoying a great book entitled More Milly, Molly, Mandy. These are such sweet stories set back in England in the early 1900's. If you are looking for a great chapter book to read with your little girl we highly recommend it. It's so fun to have extra time in the summer for lots of library trips and stacks of books. Abbey's favorite picture book right now is such a fun one, How To Get Married...by Me, The Bride. She just loves pretending about weddings.
We are enjoying lots of everyday moments like riding bikes in the park, eating breakfast for dinner, and having play dates with friends. We are expecting a busier month in August as we will be moving to a new home in our area and getting my class ready for a new school year. It's so exciting that Abbey will be starting Kindergarten at my school in the fall and that we will be right near each other each day. We are both so happy about that.

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