Sunday, February 28, 2010

Savoring the Moments

Okay, I can't let February completely pass by without posting, and since March starts in a few minutes I will make this quick.
We are loving life and enjoying every moment together. I know I always say it can't get any better, and then somehow it does. Abbey is starting to ask me questions that really make me think, and I am loving the new level our conversations are going to, yet we still have plenty of silliness thrown in. Best of all is sharing everything spiritually. I love talking with her about the things that really matter, praying together, and hearing her sweet songs about the Lord. I am wondering what people in the grocery store and other places think as she is singing her heart out about the Fruit of the Spirit, a Joyful Heart is Like a Good Medicine, etc. She has truly got the joy down in her heart.
Abbey is currently loving a game called Great States Jr. It has a timer and you have to quickly find states on the map. She loves it! She is also excited about collecting quarters for the 50 States.
Other things we are enjoying together include lots of good books. She's particularly into Aesop's Fables (and listening to a Jim Weiss CD of them in the car), DK's First Encyclopedia of the Human Body, and lots of books about how things are made or how things work. The librarians have given me some pretty funny looks as we come in with our usual, "We'd like a book on how _______ are made." She loved some we checked out recently that showed how tennis shoes are made and what it's like to be a textile worker. And speaking of factories, she asked me to stay out of hers for several days because she was working on this....

It was so sweet. She made it and wrapped it all by herself and then gave it to me. With the little resources she has she manages to make and give a lot of cards and gifts.
Here's the sign for when her factory is closed...

I told her the other day that maybe she can run a factory when she grows up, but she said no, she just wants to be a mom. She's also told me that she's going to be a teacher at a Christian school
and that I can stay at home and take care of her babies, which she wants to adopt from China.

She loved CNY, especially the Lion Dancers. We were both excited to see girls on the Lion Dance team this time.

This is Abbey's first real homework assignment, which was an All About Me poster for her preschool. It felt a little surreal to have a school project to work on over the weekend. I am sure it was a taste of countless weekend's to come. I love the way she draws herself with hair sprouting out of her head and shooting to the ground. And now for a slew of other projects...

A very weet calendar she made me for Christmas at preschool...
And finally a map she drew and dictated for me what to write as captions. Click on it for details.