Friday, December 25, 2009

Love Without Boundaries

I was thrilled to learn that parents of students in my class made a donation to Love Without Boundaries in my honor as a Christmas gift. I can't tell you how much more meaningful that is than the normal "teacher gifts".
I love my copy of the first edition of Love's Journey and can't wait to get a copy of of Love's Journey 2: The Red Thread. Learn more about how you can receive a free copy of these beautiful stories and photos here.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

If You Think Candy's Sweet...

there's a gal you ought to meet. Sugar drips from her lips when she smiles...

My sweet little girl has been so much fun to be with in these weeks leading up to Christmas. We've had many magical moments where her face has lit up and been in awe of the sights and sounds of the season. We've been loving the lights, decorations, music, and treats. I can't wait to see her face tomorrow and watch her open gifts. What an incredible experience to have a four year old daughter at Christmas time!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yangdong Reunion

We were so happy to be able to reconnect with two families from our travel group whom we have not seen in the three years since our trip. It is amazing to see the transformations in our girls who were babies the last time we were all together. We were able to let the girls play all day and enjoy pizza, princess dancing, doll house toys, and shopping at The Grove. A few days later we were able to meet Kelly, Eric, Katie, and Ella at Disneyland for a day. It was freezing, but we had a blast. We hope to have more pictures soon. My camera battery died, but Kelly is the photo queen. I got teary eyed a few times thinking of the orphanage where our daughters were together and then seeing them now running around with the princesses at Disneyland. No matter how dark or difficult a season may be, God could have an beautiful plan for the next chapter in your life.

Loving all the toys at Elizabeth's house and the fun friends to play with.

Darling Ella. Her big sister Katie was from Yangdong with Abbey. Kelly was like our amazing travel team captain. This woman's got it together.

Shopping at The Grove. All the girls made purchases at the sticker store and enjoyed some wild stroller races.
First stop at Disney, princesses and make-up (face painting). Perhaps due to Katie's influence Abbey branched out from Fantasyland and enjoyed Thunder Mountain and Soaring Over Califoornia. Hope to include more pic's with Katie soon.