Monday, August 24, 2009

Short and Sweet

Why we worship on the back row...

Cannot believe that we have not had a moment to post since we've been home! Besides being busy every moment, we still don't have internet access as we thought. Too long to go into but once school gets underway I will have time to get our wireless and computers all coordinated.

Abbey had her first VBS and it was awesome. She wanted me to sign her up again the next week and I told her we have to wait another year. The CD is all she wants to listen to and she asks me please not to talk during her songs because she needs to listen to the words. Makes me laugh because when she was a baby I was so used to being by myself in the car and just thinking and praying that I had to really work on learning to talk to her. She wasn't talking and everyone told me that the most important thing to do was just tell her about everything, but when you've been driving by yourself for years that takes some effort. Anyway, now she wants me quiet some of the time. Here are a few recent car conversations.

Number Sense: Abbey was very excited to have checked out a bunny puppet from the library. I was explaining that the name of our area means bunny in Spanish and that our whole valley is full of bunnies.
"Mommy, are there like 60,000 bunnies?"
"Well I don't know if there are that many but there are a lot."
"Oh, like 7?"
"Somewhere in between. More than 7 and probably less than 60,000."

"Mom, why is there a witch in heaven?"
"Honey, what are you talking about, there are no witches in heaven."
"It (the song) says, 'Our Father, which art in heaven..."
Ever tried to explain witch and which to a four year old?

Emotional development:
"Good job Mommy. You worked really hard on your classroom. I like the way you did that bulletin board all nice and straight."
Tons of sugary kisses all the time. She is loads of praise, encouragement and that kind of liquid love that just oozes out.

So much I'd love to say about China, about here, about all the fun we are having...but it will have to wait, off to another prep day.